Timeonacid by the-67 club webcast stage backdrop ft. Alexandria Road & the Eang. - live 10 year noise webcast from 13/03/2013 7:30:14pm to 13/03/2023 7:30:14pm

The event broadcasts sound & vision to the street via an outpost above the front door consisting of an old radio converted into an amplifier and an old television;         video;  http://youtu.be/1ZiFXzORa-k

and also a televison embedded in the hedge (Hedge tv);   video; 

The video below shows a view from the street  on day 442 featuring Nigel Noize's latest artwork (the only one featuring excrement - pigeon).the 64 inch PIR triggered wall clock which goes backwards very fast for 4 seconds  when someone walks by. Made from recycled estate agent signs

"A quiet noise gig with an extraordinary backdrop, visible and played to the street, webcast live, and inadvertently "played" via PIR trigger by passers by"

"Ealing's premier art installation"