TIMEONACID by the-67 club's live streaming stage backdrop ft. Alexandria Road & the Eang. - the 10 year noise music video live streamed performance from 13/03/2013 7:30:14pm to 13/03/2023 7:30:14pm

TIMEONACID at  SIX - 13/03/2019 19:30:14pm;   The moment at which the TIMEONACID performance passed 6 years,

  "A spectacle of the bizzart!"     The longest noise performance in history!    The creation of the world's longest music video!    "Surrealism in action"   "A creation by the world's most extreme noise artist?"

A rather long, extremely complex soundscape/ambient noise music piece created by a spectacular electronic art installation which is in continuous development. It depicts a kind of " time going crazy, time dream", and features life on Alexandria road and life inside and in the back & front gardens of the premises where TIMEONACID is based,  - years of reality TV from in and around TIMEONACID HQ.

It is being created in an attic bedroom using 11 looping media players which play a multitude of noise sounds  including live noise music performances and sounds from the eang (electro-acoustic-noise-guitar - an extraordinary  noise-creating instrument / surrealist artwork  featuring possibly the world's only barbed wire guitar string, home-made by Nigel Noize - TIMEONACID's creator - youtube channel;  www.youtube.com/nigelnoize   Facebook; nigel.noize ). It is also being created using sounds from microphones set up on the back & front of the house where TIMEONACID is based (The sounds of birds, foxes, dogs,  planes, trains, super-bass sound systems from passing cars, car alarms,  motorbikes, police sirens, unintelligible conversations from pedestrians passing by, wind, rain, thunderstorms, neighbours' rows, parties & powertools etc.) some of which have disturbed Nigel Noize's sleep for years become part of a noise piece)

and created using 13 screens –  including 7 looping mp4 players, 3 screens  showing live views of the street outside, 1 showing a live view of the 64 inch front-of-house clock, 1 showing a live view of the kitchen & kitchen stage & 1 showing the back garden & sky (to see the planes, birds, thunderstorms, rain, etc. and action from the back garden when it is used as a party/live venue for The 67 Club ( more info; www.the-67.com ) including construction of the spectacular set – and some of it’s destruction by high winds and some footage of The Spaceheads playing there featuring the guitarist from the legendary band James,) which made the sounds picked up by the outdoor microphone, another screen showing looping footage of the 64 inch PIR triggered front-of-house wall clock (Made from recycled estate agent signs) which went backwards very fast for 4 seconds and played Resonance Radio for 4 seconds when someone walked by (this was a quiet noise gig with an extraordinary backdrop, visible and played to the street, webcast live, and inadvertently "played" via PIR trigger by passers by - the noise sounds from Time On Acid in the attic were played through a speaker buried under the front garden hedge), the 5th monitor also shows looping footage of an attempted burglary at the premises where Time On Acid is based – the camera embedded in the front door records the offender attempting to gain entry by punching out the front door window & fleeing on seeing the camera – he is still at large! And it shows looping footage of the big front-of-house rotating-backwards-very-fast wall clock being pelted by bottles & cans late on a Saturday night by a passing intoxicated female who also tears down and steals one of the front-of-house cameras. The other 3  looping mp4 screens show various noise performances

The noise music video is also being created using; about 80 digital led alarm clocks hacked to become various sorts of counters including some whose alarms(some bleepers & a radio station) go off for a few seconds every few minutes, a large projection from a hacked digital alarm clock, a “choir” of 9 smoke alarms emitting a variety of low battery warning bleeps, droning sounds created using a long wave radio played by digital radiation from an iphone stuck to it, 4 flashing usb sticks – used by some of the media players, a clock with a swinging pendulum, a weather station, and a scrolling display showing the exact start and end time of the performance.
For about the first year as a kind of hourly chime, a very old burglar alarm bell and a digital clock ‘s waterfall alarm sound go off for about a minute, 
This all creates a very complex sound & vision cacophony and features a reality TV depiction of life at the premises where TIMEONACID is based (including the 10 big house parties with many live acts which have occurred there since it started) via the cameras and microphones on the front and back of the premises – the back garden microphone also picks up some of the sounds from inside.
There have been many live acts which have played with TIMEONACID using it a stage backdrop for a webcast gig including; The Vuvuvultures, Cementimental, Isn’tses, AlienGhostDust, Liveearth, The Guitarminator, Maria Martinez, Nigel Noize , Ron Brieffel, the Society of Imaginary Friends Music, Holly Penfield & Dirty Protest.

The beginning of the entity started about 45 years ago when Nigel Noize developed a strong interest in electronics and started collecting old radios & televisions to  disassemble & experiment with from neighbours & relatives - the idea grew out of a large collection of electronics.

Recorded since 05/06/13, it has already created the world's longest music video - an application to Guiness World Records will be submitted near to the end of the performance when the length has been legally verified - no previous record has been set, , One year of it will  be released on various formats including, 4 terabyte hard drive, 10,000 CD box set etc. 

It will then be used to make a giant,  exotic  living room clock, the clock face will be a circular monitor which will play one year of it then keep repeating, the clock will have a built in Hi Fi to play the sound , a 4 terabyte  hard drive to store the data, & a special media player to play it.  -  copies of it will be made available & price offers considered.  Backing will be needed, the more obtained the more elaborate the clock will be and the higher the selling price,( eg. it could be diamond studded & sold for £10,000,000),  the backers cut is negotiable. Anyone interested should email; nigelnoize@timeonacid.com

 It coincides with the centenary of probably  the worlds first ever major noise event  the publication of Luigi Russolo's Manifesto    L'arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noises) in 1913.  Luigi Russolo was the worlds first noise artist.  ( he assembled a noise orchestra & performed for the first time in 1914 - it was met with strong disapproval & violence from the audience)

It  has a huge number of participants; countless planes, cars, motorbikes, animals, insects (caught on the HD IR cameras), passers by, & visitors to TIMEONACID HQ - including revelers at the many parties & gigs that have occurred at the venue since the piece started

The event will be webcast live continuously until 13/03/2023, ring; 07967963165 (UK)  for latest info  on how to watch it

The event will also be occasionally webcast live in higher resolution & with an unlimited viewer number on Youtube; goto www.youtube.com/user/nigelnoize/live  if using a PC or if using a smartphone or tablet get the youtube app open it  and search for nigelnoize live , for the next Youtube broadcast watch this space 

Occasionally guest acts will be invited to perform a live webcast  with TIMEONACID, usually on a Saturday night.

The first guest act was  LIVE EARTH http://liveearth.groundupsound.com  they  performed from about 8pm to 11pm on day 1, -13/03/2013, see their performance below, goto their site for more info.

NEXT GUEST ACT; Meg Lee Chin - will be playing live with TIMEONACID on November 7th 2020 it will be live streamed via Youtube from  about 11:30PM GMT during Bonfirenite Bash'n'Barbie 20  the interactive-live on the web party at The-67 venue. more info. including how to watch it on Youtube; www.the-67.com)


 Any acts interested in being part of the event should email; nigelnoize@timeonacid.com   they should take into consideration that they perform at their  own risk - it's not advisable to jump about too much or play intoxicated as the room contains hundreds of mirrors, barbed wire & many spiked art-objects
The-67 club's live streaming stage backdrop (based in Nigel Noize's bedroom) consists of; over 150 different radios, 100 clocks - including over 60 "circuit-bent" digital alarm-clocks, 5 televisions, 11 screens, uses 10 mp4 players, a large old burgler alarm bell, a "choir" of 12  smoke alarms emitting warning bleeps because they contain low batteries, 10 amplifiers, 1 weatherstation, a Lexicon MPX1 multiple processor FX,  a Vestafire analogue reverb unit, 24  99p shop nightlight LEDs & 73  99p shop stickonlights -  it uses over 100 mains sockets,   it interacts with street below it (Alexandria road in the UK);  -  via 7 screens of street views embedded in it as well as speakers making sounds from the street, -  the stage is made visible to the street via a 23 inch monitor on a shelf above the front door of the house, and sound from the stage is occasionally played into the street through an old radio made into an amplifier placed next to the monitor and via a speaker buried beneath the front garden hedge. One of the street view  screens (Dog TV)  used to get its feed from a camera in an old jar buried in leaves below the front garden hedge at about dog height - as well as  mainly dog views it displays all the other street wildlife including cats, foxes, birds, rats, mice & large spiders etc.. - the camera was eventually found & stolen - there is video footage of this in the piece, (& also of a dog urinating on the camera!). TIMEONACID also occasionally  interacts with the street by  using 2 buzzers and a modified analog clock whose hands spin at high speed which are played unknowingly by passers by via PIR trigger

  A sign next to the front door displays the following;-     Smile you're on internet telly! - If you can see this sign you've been caught on camera and are being broadcast live on the internet as part of the Timeonacid event, and you are now featured in the worlds longest music video soon to be verified by Alternative World Records and submitted to Wikipedia, you too are part of history!   more info;  www.timeonacid.com 

 The radios , clocks,  televisions & most of the amplifiers have mainly been collected from charity shops & jumble sales ( & a few from skips) over about the last 3 decades, the charity shop searching  will be ongoing as many of the items may wear out during the performance and the stage will be continually developed with additions etc.

         For more info. about the-67 club go to;   www.the-67.com

The attic bedroom where TIMEONACID is performing 24/7 was rented out from August 16 2014 for 5 weeks!
London's most extraordinary letting? - living with the noise in the "big brother" bedroom
TIME ON ACID - 10 year noise webcast - day 526 - featuring the new lodger, noise-rapper Miss Smergi.
Miss Smergi shares the attic bedroom in Nigel Noize's house with the TIMEONACID 24/7 live streamed noise-art-installation. The noise performance is webcast from 3 different camera positions so Miss Smergi has been advised to get changed in the bathroom or be aware of what the cameras can see.
Miss Smergi enjoys the noise, the big brother experience and occasionally performs with it.
She sleeps in a circular bed with a Roland Jupiter-4(legendary, vintage, compuphonic, analogue synthesizer from the late 70's) as bedhead.

Flag Counter

The Launch at 13/03/2013 7:30:14pm

A video Clip from Day 1 featuring the first special guest act LIVEEARTH

A Video Clip from day 35


A clip from day 71

A clip from day 120


A clip from day 143 featuring special guest act No.2;  VUVUVULTURES

      A clip from day 196 featuring a version of intonarumori by Luigi Russolo & 300 people chanting

A clip from day 225

A clip from day 337 featuring the new addition of a screen displaying  the back garden action and the 2 buzzers and fast hand spinning clock being played by an unaware passer by via PIR trigger

A clip from day 344 - now featuring the 7 smoke alarm choir of low battery warning bleeps

A clip from day 442 - view from the street featuring the 64 inch PIR triggered front of house wall clock  which goes backwards very fast for 4 seconds when someone walks by. 

Guest act No. 3; Alien Ghost Dust ft. Time On Acid  - live  at Phil Zimmermans 50th Birthday Party 5/7/14

Day 605 featuring Cementimental, Miss Smergi, James DC, Ron Brieffel & NigelNoize  live in the attic bedroom  crammed with 23 revellers at Bonfirenite Bash'n'Barbie 14 at The 67  8th November 2014

Day 651; a vine video (6 second) featuring the attempted burglary at  the premises where TIME ON ACID is based
The video has been sent to the police and the manhunt has started

Time On Acid at Three - 13/03/2016 ; The moment at which Time On Acid  passed 3 years. Filmed live on the Internet.
(About 10.7 terabytes of data  uploaded so far)

a clip from day 1444 playing live through a video monitor made into an extraordinary clock. This is a prototype Version of the clock which will play and repeat a 1 year edited section of the video using a built in H.264 media player and 4TB hard drive, and which the video will be released on.
Time On Acid at Four - 13/03/2017 ; The moment at which Time On Acid passed 4 years. The live Ustream webcast was filmed playing on an iphone 6+.
(About 14.2 terabytes of data uploaded so Far)

TIMEONACID at Five - 13/03/2018;   The moment at which TIMEONACID  passed 5 years, filmed live on a PC using my Mum's crappy 1 meg broadband in Coventry (hence the intermittant audio)
A clip from day 2067  featuring Society of Imaginary Friends Music live on the Nigel Noize stage at Bonfirenite Bash-n-Barbie18 at The 67 on November 11th 2018

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